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8 Effective Ways to Promote Your Loyalty Scheme

Kimberly Magri | July 10, 2023

You’ve finally set up your loyalty scheme or digitised your existing one…Now what? You need to encourage customers to join the program. So, how do you effectively communicate your new offering? We’re here to help! In this blog post, we’ll explore 8 marketing strategies to promote your loyalty scheme, tailored to different target groups. 

Ready to captivate your current customer base, onboard website visitors, and reach new audiences? These tips will help you build up the hype, drive loyalty, and maximise its impact. Just make sure that at every step of your strategy, you are highlighting the benefits and rewards of your loyalty scheme. Let’s dive right in!

Audience A: Engage Existing Customers

The first step is to reach out to your existing customer base. They’re the most likely to sign up since they already purchase from you and will benefit greatly from a loyalty scheme. Your goal here is to nurture the relationship and keep them returning for more.

1. In-store Promotion: 

Your physical store is an excellent opportunity to display eye-catching posters and distribute flyers. You can also utilise shop security gates, making it impossible for them to miss. Train your cashiers to inform customers about the benefits of joining your loyalty scheme during checkout to really drive the point across.

2. Send Out Mailshots: 

The fastest and most cost-effective way to announce your loyalty scheme is through email marketing. Leverage your mailing list and send them personalised emails to increase the CTR. Share exclusive updates, special offers, and rewards to entice customers to participate.

3. Paid Facebook Campaign: 

Social media is another great tool to communicate with those who are already interested in your brand. However, since organically you can only reach around 5% of your followers, ideally, this is done through a paid campaign. Target only followers to keep costs low and make sure your ads are compelling and straightforward.

Audience B: Onboard Website Visitors

Your website is your platform – which means that you are free to maximise the space. Just make sure to balance it so as not to overwhelm users. Website visitors can be considered a warm audience since they have shown interest by landing on your page. So, don’t miss out on converting them into loyal customers.

4. Website Elements: 

Be strategic about where to place different elements on your website to capture visitors’ attention without being too pushy. Utilise calls-to-action on main pages, pop-ups with time or action-based triggers, and a banner at the top of each page. Double down with a banner on the cart and checkout pages that detail rewards and incentives.

5. Dedicated Landing Page: 

Creating a page dedicated to your loyalty program provides the opportunity to showcase the benefits of joining and explain how it works. Adding it to your menu bar makes this page even more prominent. Ensure a seamless sign-up process to make it easy to join without any hiccups!

Audience C: Expand Your Reach

Attracting new audiences presents a larger challenge, however, it is also a chance to grow your customer base by drawing them in with the promise of a loyalty scheme. Nowadays, the market is saturated, and giving extra value and rewards to your customers helps you stand out from competitors.

6. YouTube Campaign: 

Video marketing is powerful when it comes to reaching a wider audience, engaging them, and leaving an impression. Creating an informative video educates viewers about the value of becoming a part of your loyal community. While lead generation is usually not the main goal of this type of campaign, it is instrumental in generating awareness.

7. Influencer Marketing: 

Influencers have a targeted following who are ready to try a new brand or product solely based on their honest recommendations. Maximise these audiences by collaborating with influencers who align with your brand. Encourage them to share their positive experiences with your program and inspire others to join.

8. Referral Codes: 

Grow your list of loyalty scheme members by implementing a referral program. Your existing customers can use a code to encourage their friends or family to sign up. Both parties would benefit by receiving rewards or discounts, so it’s a win-win situation!

Combine strategies and tailor them to different audience segments to drive engagement and increase sign-ups. The key is to communicate the value and benefits of your loyalty scheme clearly. 

After that, it’s in your hands to foster long-lasting relationships to boost customer retention and business growth. So, get creative, connect with your audience, and take your loyalty program to new heights!

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