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Turn your customers into repeat purchasers

Make every interaction within your loyalty program feel personal. Automate your messages and drive loyalty like never before.


Build better relationships on autopilot

Loyale allows its users to provide an end-to-end brand experience as they retain control over the entire process. Users have a direct interaction with consumers from start to finish which means they can collect customer data and address issues that arise instantly.

Manage with ease

Rewards are a marketing initiative. Have maximum control and make changes without a developer.

Access customer data

Easily acquire customer data to get a better understanding of buyer behaviour and create more conversions by delivering unique, personalised experiences

Build customer relationships

Ability to improve your offering based on customer feedback, ultimately improving customer loyalty.

Powerful customer experience

Create a frictionless customer journey across both online and offline channels to drive conversions and repeat purchases.

Journey automation

Marketing automation

Using a marketing automation platform is like adding an extra super-speedy team member to your marketing department. Design journeys through the customer lifecycle and send messages to the right people at the right moment - with virtually no effort.

  • Direct to consumer channel

    Create emails and texts that send themselves.

  • Create brand advocates

    Acquire, retain and grow your customer base.

  • Increase sales

    Grow ecommerce and retail sales without growing the workload.


3 Powerful ways to reward

  • Points

    Encourage profitable actions that drive customer loyalty.

  • Re-activation campaigns

    Win back customers with incentives to those who haven’t visited your store in 3 months.

  • VIP rewards

    Give better rewards to your most loyal customers.

Customer Experience

Build a seamless user experience

  • Push notifications

    Use built-in text and email notifications to encourage your customers to shop and get rewards.

  • Reward social media actions

    Encourage customers to share your brand with friends and family to benefit from more rewards.

  • Customisable display

    Match the look and feel of your rewards program with your brand.

Want real-time demographics?

Our backoffice allows businesses to see real time insights into their customers’ spending habits. Make actionable changes to your scheme to better suit your needs.