Increase your brand presence & loyalty

Loyale makes running a loyalty scheme very easy with an easy to use management area and ready made apps to get you started in no time.


Loyale provides an easy way to award points to your customers, be it a purchase, a birthday or even joining your scheme.

Loyalty Tiers

Show your most loyal customers how much they meant to you. Keep your best customers engaged by giving them goals to achieve to reach the next tier and unlock better awards.

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Send & Split Points

Allow your customers to send and split points. They can share points with existing users or invite their friends to join if they haven’t signed up yet.

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Punch Cards

Punch cards are a fun way to reward your customers and keep them engaged. Create goals for your customers, stamp their digital punch card with your admin app, and once completed rewards them with a prize to redeem.


Create and award your customers with coupons on their phones after achieving specific goals.

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Loyale has it all

Take your business to the next level with this multi-functional loyalty rewards program.


Let your customers know that they have been credited with extra points due to their recent purchase.


Easily award points to your customers, be it a purchase, a birthday or even joining your scheme.


Loyale allows you to create tiers within your schemes, creating goals to achieve each tier within the scheme.


Why not reward your customers by creating a referral scheme and awarding them when their friends have signed up?

Showcase your brand in style

Increase customer engagement and customise the app your way.

Loyalty made easy

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