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Targeted Loyalty Marketing To Gain & Retain Your Customers

Automate your marketing, boost sales & increase your repeat purchase rate.

Businesses that reward with Loyale

Attract & retain

Onboard new customers and turn loyal customers into marketing assets. Target and reward existing customers and identify those which are slipping by incentivising them to purchase from your store.


Our platform enables you to reward customers based on a multitude of factors and demographics. Get to know your customers and understand their wants and needs by segmenting and targeting them with customer analytics at your fingertips.

Boost sales

Drive measurable growth with marketing strategies backed by data. Your customers will react much better to tailor made offers and rewards than to generic ones.


Segment your customers

Get a grip on your customer base with our analytics dashboard.

  • Segment your customers by means of demographics or spending habits.
  • Target and reward existing customers and identify those which are slipping by incentivising them to purchase from your store.
Perfect customer journey

An omnichannel platform

Loyale is one smartly integrated platform that helps you drive sales with customisable rewards.

  • Bridge the gap between all your platforms to ensure a seamless and simultaneous rollout of all your notifications, offers and rewards.
  • Track sales more accurately and make data driven decisions for measurable growth. View your repeat purchase rate, customer spend and ROI growth.

Pay as you grow

Although set up costs are low, your audience reach won’t be.

  • We believe in giving our clients a customised experience rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. This allows you to use our platform without worrying about financials.
  • Our pricing is based on your monthly subscription numbers, so you only pay for services.
Pricing Plans

loyalty suite

Loyalty building blocks

Build a personalised loyalty scheme with all the features you could possibly want or need.


Reward members with points per purchase, or goals achieved.

Push Notifications

Send personalised messages directly to your customers.


Create, promote and track mass coupon campaigns with ease.

Punch cards

Reward customers for repeat purchases of products or services.


Send automated messages to keep members engaged.


Engage with your audience, send one-off emails and create automated newsletters.

Customer loyalty schemes

Level up your loyalty

Take your business to the next level with this multifunctional rewards marketing platform. The only marketing solution that works online and offline. Find out which program structure is the best fit for you.

Earn & burn
Tiered scheme

Earn & burn

The traditional approach to loyalty, customers earn points for the money they spend.

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Tiered scheme

Encourage customers to gain access to additional benefits by advancing through the ranks when spending more.

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Partner up with brands under one roof.

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Target your audience, wherever they are

Reach customers when it counts. Get customers coming back for more with targeted triggers based on their shopping behaviours.



Show your customers some love on their birthday by sending them a gift

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Spend amount


Show extra appreciation when your customers spend more

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Show your customer you still care about them by offering them a gift if they haven't visited in a while

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Seamlessly integrate your systems

Over the years we've teamed up with multiple integrations which are constantly being added to.

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Ready to start rewarding?

Build your own rewards scheme and foster brand loyalty.