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About Us

A small team with big aspirations

We’re passionate about our product and we’re excited to be part of your journey. Founded in 2021, we developed our product from the ground up. We created a rewards marketing platform that’s easily integrated with any solution.

From small enterprises to franchises, we’ve helped businesses to optimise their customer  rewards and employee benefits through the integration and use of our loyalty platform. Whether your business goals are to gain repeat customers, keep employees happy, or create a loyal fanbase around your brand, we have the tools to get you to these goals.

Meet the team behind Loyale below.

Bjorn Azzopardi

Founder & CEO

Glyn Mercieca

Co-Founder & Head of Tech

Nick De Gabriele

Co-Founder & Head of Product

Angela Azzopardi

Head of Finance

Kimberly Laus

Business Development Specialist

Andrea Caruana

UI/UX Designer

Michael Hampton

Front End Developer

Steve Spiteri

Backend Developer

Gianluca Conti

Backend Developer

Mykhailo Zabarin

iOS Developer

Ivan Kozin

Android Developer

Anton Zrobko

Full Stack Developer