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Rewards Marketing

Our backoffice allows businesses to leverage real-time data and personalise their rewards scheme to establish good will and increase customer loyalty. Choose the right features to make your reward scheme stand out.

Profile consumers with pinpoint accuracy

Our features take you far beyond demographics, they’ve proven to increase customer lifetime value.

Connect at every possible touchpoint

Get to know your customers’ decision making processes at each stage of the purchase journey.

Reach your audience effectively

Identify your key audiences and understand how to reach them. Use insights provided as a guide for your next campaign.

Re-activate inactive consumers

There is hidden potential in your inactive customers. Our back office connects you to them to entice them to come back.

Analytical tool

Stop paying for multiple tools, Loyale has all the insights you'd ever need

Say goodbye to navigating between various tools and spreadsheets that don't add up. Track progress and share results with Loyale's automated reports and personally tailored dashboards in real time.

Measure success

A complete overview of real time demographics

Loyale’s solid rewards program can provide the short–term returns you want with the long–term success you strive to achieve. We go beyond simple demographics to use a unique combination of demographic, behavioural and attitudinal measures that lead to meaningful solutions for your customer’s individual needs.

Manage your system

Structured data at your fingertips

Create custom alerts to gift customers on their birthday, re-activate quieter customers with targeted incentives and recategorise tiers of your plan. Loyale’s back office has the flexibility to allow you to do all that from wherever you may be.

Streamlined Workflow

Farewell spreadsheets

So long double data entry, hello streamlined workflow. Skip the tedious task of manual data entry in your day-to-day, Loyale acts as a control hub for all things rewards. It allows vital business information to move in one seamless flow.

Pay as you grow

We believe in giving our clients a customised experience rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Personalise your experience and start rewarding your customers today!