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Here are some examples of our trigger notifications. We’ve created templates for each one which will be present in our back office with the aim of helping our clients when they’re starting out as they can easily be set with a click of a button. Check them out below.

Send a Notification

Create and schedule notifications

Example: Notify customers about new offers

Send a Post

Create and schedule content posts such as news, promotions etc.

Example: Alert customers about new promotions or send news snippets

Award a Coupon

Send a coupon to your customers based on their engagement

Example: Send customer coupons to redeem at your store

Award Points

Send points to customers based on their engagement

Example: Offer rewards to customers based on specific engagement terms such as frequency, spend etc.

Reward on a Purchase

A trigger based on a set amount or for every purchase

Example: Offer points to customers upon purchase

Trigger on Activity

A trigger based on the frequency of customer’s activity

Example: Send a reminder to inactive customers or send more rewards to customers who frequent your stores more

Account Sign Up

Reward customers for joining your scheme

Example: Offer a reward on sign up

Account Unsubscribe

Trigger an automated email once customers have unsubscribed from your scheme

Example: Send an automated email once customers unsubscribe


Gift your customer on their birthday by setting automated triggers

Example: Scheduled them to be released on that specific date for each customer

Account Balance

A trigger based on the amount of points in customers' account.

Example: Send a notification to customers who have more than a specific amount of points.

Joining a Tier

This trigger notifies customers about the perks they receive when joining this new tier

Example: Offer different rewards to customers in different tiers in order incentives them to reach higher tiers


This trigger notifies customers that they should redeem the points that they have left

Example: Alert customers to the amount of points they have left to redeem before they expire


A trigger based on when customer's top up their account

Example: Notify customers of their ability to top up their points


This trigger can be scheduled to award customers for being part of your scheme

Example: Schedule the trigger on client subscription/sign-up date


Customise your own trigger

Example: Set your own trigger and base it on whatever metric you desire

Pay as you grow

We believe in giving our clients a customised experience rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Start rewarding your customers today!