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We’ve curated our features with our clients best interest at heart, in order to maximise sales and increase profits. Learn more about our platform’s features below.

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Foster brand affinity through awarding points to loyal customers, be it for a purchase, birthday or for joining your scheme. Show individual point balances, available rewards and earning opportunities to keep your customers engaged.

  • Tiers

    Tailor tiers conditions to your business goals and segment your customers according to their brand affinity. Keep customers engaged by setting goals for them to achieve to encourage repeat business.

  • Send & Split Points

    Curate customer advocacy to grow your brand. Share the love and allow customers to share points with their friends who are either existing customers or allow them to invite them to join if they haven’t signed up yet.

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Increase customer retention through the use of coupons by advertising rewards directly to your customers phone. These will pop up on their screen and with one click take them straight to your interface.

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Punch Cards

Unlike with traditional physical cards, customers no longer need to worry about losing their card. Digital cards take away the stress of it, these can be easily stamped through the admin app upon point of purchase.

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A dedicated section catered to your promotional content based upon promotions, sales and more. This section acts as a feed of posts wherein customers can view multiple posts at once.


Create custom triggers to reach customers at just the right moment. Schedule alerts and news snippets directly onto your customers mobile phone. Re-engage at-risk customers with on-site notifications.


Loyale gives you access to a vast technology stack, we’ve teamed up with all major ecommerce platforms to increase the power of your existing marketing tools and technology, all of which can be seamlessly integrated into your platform.


Turn existing customers into loyal advocates and boost acquisition. Increase advocacy to drive more cost-effective customer acquisition, offer rewards in return for reviews, referrals and social media engagement.


Redeem your points earned both in store and online.

Loyalty Wallet

Ditch the hassle, keep the customers. Our mobile app turns visitors into customers and customers into repeat customers, keeping your customers engaged with your scheme with personalized notifications.

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Our rewards management system is simple and easy to use. Reach your targets and increases sales with access to customers insights. Navigate your board with ease from registration to viewing customer activity to scheduling alerts.

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Loyale has it all

Take your marketing to the next level with this omni-channel rewards marketing platform.

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