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We’ve curated our features in order to maximise sales and increase profits for our clients.



Set up automations and trigger your customer rewards based on demographics, purchases or actions.

  • Demographics

    Birthdays, Sign-on anniversary, etc.

  • Purchase

    Reward buying behaviour, such as order value or frequency.

  • Actions

    Reward on referrals, social media sharing, etc.


Push Notifications

Send notifications directly to your customers mobile phones.

  • Alerts

    Notify customers about their rewards to keep your scheme top of mind.

  • Links

    Deep link to posts, coupons, and other features for easy access.

  • Reminders

    Remind customers about their available point balance, rewards and coupons.



Easily create coupons with our flexible system. Pick your coupon type, decide on your targeting rules and you're all set. Usage limits, timeframes, dynamic or fixed expiry dates - its all up to you.

  • Monetary

    Give out monetary discounts.

  • Percentage

    Use percentage discounts.

  • Open Offer

    Custom coupon with no limitations. Ex. Free soft ice cream with any combo meal.



A dedicated section catered to your promotional content. This section acts as a feed of posts wherein customers can view multiple posts at once.

  • Promotion

    Notify customers about your latest promotions online and in-store.

  • Discounts

    Notify customer about your latest discounts



Send text messages to reach your customers instantly on their mobile devices.

  • High open rates

    With open rates of up to 98%, it’s a guaranteed way to engage your audience.

  • Boost conversions

    Send personalised offers, exclusive promotions, and exciting new launches.

  • Quality over quantity

    Avoid spamming. Save this awesome channel for when you’ve got something valuable to share.



Start sending engaging emails that drive engagement. Create personalised experiences at scale to make every feel special.

  • Welcome email

    Create an awesome perception of your brand from the start.

  • Celebration email

    Make customers feel special on special occasions.

  • Reactivation email

    Win back churning customers.



Turn existing customers into loyal brand advocates and boost more cost-effective customer acquisition.

  • Referrals

    Use existing customers to grow your customer base through word of mouth and reward them when their friends sign up.

  • Social sharing

    Reward customers who recruit their friends via social platforms.

  • Send & split points

    Allow customers to share points with their friends who are either existing customers or invite newbies to join if they haven’t signed up yet.


Gift Cards

Create, promote, track and redeem Gift Cards. Both in store and online.

  • Channels

    Decide how customers will receive their Gift Cards; by email, as unique online codes, or as physical cards.

  • Tracking & Targeting

    Keep track of generated coupons and redemptions. Send automated reminders to customers to use their gift cards before they expire.

  • Partial redemption

    Loyale users can partially redeem their Gift Card, giving them the freedom to use it over multiple visits.


Feedback Forms

Collect valuable feedback from your customers and use point rewards as an incentive to participate.

  • Fully Customisable

    Send unlimited surveys and customise the forms for users based on the outlet visited or product purchased.

  • Gather data

    Ask customers about their experience at your new outlet, your latest product launch or the overall service.

  • Customer Support

    Analyse results to improve your product or service offering. Reach out to unsatisfied customers to resolve negative experiences and increase retention.


Punch Cards

(coming soon)

Unlike with traditional physical cards, customers no longer need to worry about losing their card. Digital cards take away the stress of it, these can be easily stamped through the admin app upon point of purchase.


Build better customer relationships on autopilot. Make every interaction with your loyalty program feel personal with automations.


Link your systems via the Loyale Marketplace or use our developer-friendly API. Save time and automate every process.

Enterprise Features

Exclusively on Enterprise

The features listed below are only available when opting for the Enterprise scheme.



Set up lotteries and reward your customers with tickets based on spend.

Example: Get 1 ticket for every €25 spent. This is a great way to increase your average transaction sale.


Promo Codes

Generate custom promo codes which trigger instant rewards. Use these codes for increased social media engagement, social media marketing or simply to boost sales by offering discounts and freebies. Easily track which codes performed best through our backoffice.



Create meaningful connections with your customers by sending direct messages to them through your loyalty program.

Loyalty Wallet

Loyalty Wallet

Ditch the hassle, keep the customers. Our mobile app turns visitors into customers and customers into repeat customers, keeping your customers engaged with your scheme with personalized notifications.

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Our rewards management system is simple and easy to use. Reach your targets and increases sales with access to customers insights. Navigate your board with tease from registration to viewing customer activity to scheduling alerts.

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Loyalty Wallet