Features & Benefits

Loyale is an easy to use tool with out of the box features which help you design your own scheme around your needs.


Let your customers know that they have been credited with extra points due to their recent purchase


Easily award points to your customers, be it a purchase, a birthday or even joining your scheme


Trigger rewards in multiple ways. Be it amount spent, day of the week, hour during the day and much more.

Punch Cards - Coming Soon

Notify your customers when new changes are made, special offers are available or just for special occasions


Create and award your customers with coupons on their phones after achieving specific goals

VIP Clients

Loyale allows you to create tiers within your schemes, creating goals to achieve each tier within the scheme

Client App

Hassle Free

Both the Admin Application and the Client Application are simple and easy to use. The mobile app keeps your customers engaged with your scheme. From registering to your scheme to viewing their activity and also the goals they need to achieve. You can also remain in contact with your customers using personalised notifications.

Admin App

Scan, reward!

The Loyale admin mobile app allows you to scan, stamp and awards points to your customers all from a useable mobile phone. The app keeps your customers engaged with your scheme. Once the customers QR code has been scanned the admin app allows you to view their points and see what offers are available to them.

Management Console

Total Control

It shouldn’t be difficult to make changes to your scheme, and it isn’t. The admin app allows you to make actionable changes to your scheme to better suit your needs. With the features at hand, you can design a scheme that suits your needs. Choose the right features to make your loyalty scheme work.

Powerful Reporting

With Loyale’s analytics, your next decision will be an informed one. Use analytics to make real-time changes to your scheme.

Target the Right Clients

Have a bird’s eye view of all your customers and what they have been up to such as rewards history, any referrals they might have done and much more.

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Showcase your brand in style

Increase customer engagement and customise the app your way.

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