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Our plug and play POS solution that allows you to manage your loyalty scheme at cash point. Less hassle, more time saved.


Loyale POS

We’ve got you covered with our own app which sits beside your current POS with no need for any integration. Better still, Loyale POS comes bundled free with all our plans so you can get start rewarding your customers immediately.

  • POS scheme management

    Loyale POS works independently from your POS system. You can manage your loyalty scheme all from one app which runs on any smart device. It allows you to reward or redeem points and scan coupons or gift cards. It also displays customer balance and available coupons for a quicker checkout.

  • Scanner Alternative

    In many cases, Loyale POS can supplement custom POS systems that can’t scan coupons or gift cards, and eliminate the need for pricey scanners.

POS Features

Why Loyale POS?

Benefit from the below features when using Loyale POS that will enable you to retain your most loyal customers.


Reward members with points per purchase, or goals achieved.

Push Notifications

Send personalised messages directly to your customers.


Create, promote and track mass coupon campaigns with ease.

Punch Cards

Reward customers for repeat purchases of products or services.


Send automated messages to keep members engaged.


Engage with your audience, send one-off emails and create automated newsletters.

Pay as you grow

We believe in giving our clients a customised experience rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Start rewarding your customers today!