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Over the years we’ve teamed up with multiple integrations which are constantly being added to. If you don’t see your POS system don’t fret we’ve got you covered with ours.

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Loyale POS

We’ve got you covered with our own POS system, Loyale POS, which seamlessly integrates with your eCommerce store. Loyale comes pre-packaged within a mobile app which when used allows customers to have a holistic view of their account which may host multiple reward schemes. The app functions as a loyalty wallet which houses multiple brands.

  • POS Integration

    Loyale POS is unlike any other system as it eliminates the need for the integration of Loyale with the current existing POS system. Therefore, it is an alternative solution for clients whose budget does not cover the integration of a POS system or the current one is not compatible or non-existent.

A powerful backoffice

Our backoffice allows businesses to see real time insights into their customers' spending habits. Make actionable changes to your scheme to better suit your needs.