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Lava Rewards: A journey with Loyale

Loyale Team | June 9, 2020

Creating relationships with your clients is important, as how can anyone build a solid brand without creating lasting relationships with its clients? The truth is, you just can’t. At Loyale, we strongly believe in the importance of customer relationships. We go further than just creating an app and giving it to our clients.

Lava Love

Lava Rewards is a rewards marketing application built on our very own product. It is fair to say that we’ve been through a lot with Lava and they’ve become more like business partners than clients. We try to take that extra step and are constantly looking at ways to improve their application.

The Beginning of the journey

Lava Rewards approached us to help them improve their customer retention by introducing a rewards marketing application. In close collaboration with their team, we wanted to create something that stood out, from naming to branding, designing and developing the app, we made sure that we executed each step meticulously.

The Next Step

The outlets listed on Lava have a very broad audience, therefore the product needed to be flexible enough to appeal to multiple ages. We added a brand new redesign towards the application to make it more user friendly, as well as the functionality to split and share points, allowing customers to introduce their friends to the app.

Some Statistics

Lava Rewards has become very popular and has had over 57,000 users since their launch date! Lava has awarded over 121,000,000 points to its users for their purchases. In total, Lava users have redeemed over 55,000,000 points for rewards.

Built on Loyale

Loyale was created to help all businesses improve their customers’ experience and award their affinity. Loyale makes running a rewards scheme very easy with an easy to use management area and ready-made functions to get you started in no time.

Are you looking for an easy to use tool to improve your relationship with your customers? Find out more on how you can increase your customer engagement. Need more information? Let’s talk and find out how we can help you best.

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