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My Panino Giusto: A new app built on Loyale

Loyale Team | July 1, 2020

Panino Giusto has just launched their “MY Panino Giusto” rewards app, built on Loyale in collaboration with Oracle and Smart technologies.

Panino Giusto is an Italian casual-dining business that in the ‘80s revolutionized the Milanese lunch routine, introducing the Panino as a gastronomic idea of high quality. They updated their vision in 2019 “to make the world more giusto through a panino”. In 2020 Panino Giusto became a Certified B® Corporation. Most importantly. this makes them the first in the Italian foodservice industry to achieve this. In addition, they have launched their app with a concept born a few months ago. Consequently, it evolved from the need to create an application that introduces a fun loyalty system and solves all the functions of having a safe and easy shopping experience whether you are inside or outside their premises.

Reimagining Restaurants

“Technology is helping us to reimagine our restaurants and our customers’ experience without losing any of the quality and warmth they have come to know and love,” said Antonio Civita, CEO of Panino Giusto.  “…payment will be tokenized so customers can be identified by their loyalty program membership to accumulate or redeem rewards with no additional effort.”

Oracle has explained that My Panino Giusto embraces technologies like Loyale and Oracle Micros Simphony Point-of-Sale. Their aim is to help transform and offer a more safe, pleasurable customer experience. Customers can order, pay and account for their loyalty points all in one place. Firstly, orders from the app go straight to Simphony, helping to ensure that the order can be shipped easily and timely (with the help of BIRÒ, the “Easy & Giusto, delivery of taste” platform). Further, this depends on the delivery pick-up also taking into account the distance from a Panino place. All of this helps Panino handle the production and kitchen expenses efficiently. This is possible by having more visibility into when and what consumers are ordering.


Loyale helped create “My Panino Giusto” to become a pioneering model in the Italian restaurant sector. It collectively coordinates all of the loyalty functions. To clarify, it helps to facilitate the interaction between customer and operator. The app provides an easy way to award points to their customers, be it a purchase, a birthday or even joining your scheme.