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Loyalty Wallet

Anton Think | October 22, 2021
What is loyale?

Loyale is a rewards marketing platform. We believe that customers should earn that extra little something for showing brand affinity.

Can points be shared between different schemes?

No, each scheme has its own point system with different point values.

Does each scheme get its own QR code?

No, each user has their own QR code.

Will my points expire?

Points expiration is dependable on the individual stores expiration terms.

My unredeemed points disappeared, how do I retrieve them?

If the points had an expiry date, there is no way of redeeming them however, If they didn’t, please contact the associated shop and they will help you retrieve your points.

The app isn’t working, can I still earn points?

Yes, the cashier will use the POS app to manually insert your points.

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