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How can Mobile loyalty apps help increase customer retention?

Loyale Team | July 25, 2020

Customer Retention & Loyalty: More important than you think.

Customer loyalty is one of the most important success metrics for your company. Studies have proven that retaining current customers is much more lucrative than trying to attract and gain new ones. It is very clear that the acquisition expense is the reason that most of the brands are working so hard to establish relationships with their clients.

Loyal customers connect more with the businesses they are loyal to and spend more. They also serve as advocates for your brand by sharing positive news for you to their friends and families. The success rate of selling to a returning customer is 60-70%, according to Marketing Metrics, while the success rate of selling to a new consumer is just 5-20%!


A Loyalty program on your mobile phone is the way forward

How can a mobile push your loyalty program forward? It is easier to have a mobile app than to have a physical card. It’s more efficient and more convenient since having a mobile app reduces the possibility of losing a physical card. Many companies are disheartened to upgrade to a digital loyalty program because they fear it might be difficult. This isn’t the case as syncing a current loyalty program with a mobile app is a very simple process, especially with Loyale.

With a mobile app, You can sen regular reminders about your loyalty plan to consumers directly on their smartphones. Most of the time consumers have their mobiles with them this way Insights can also be tracked on consumer buying patterns, interests and journeys. It is also easier to covert loyal consumers into brand ambassadors, when an app is easy to use, engaging and rewarding loyalty program on cell phones.


Loyale: the simple and easy to use Digital Loyalty app

Loyale provides an easy way to award points to your customers, be it a purchase, a birthday or even joining your scheme. Show your most loyal customers how much they meant to you. Keep your best customers engaged by giving them goals to achieve to reach the next tier and unlock better awards. Allow your customers to send and split points. They can share points to existing users or invite their friends to join if they have bit signed up yet.

The mobile app keeps your customers engaged with your scheme. From registering to your scheme to viewing their activity and also the goals they need to achieve. You can also remain in contact with your customers using personalised notifications.

Are you looking for a digital loyalty program for your business? Find out more on how you can increase your customer engagement!