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Introducing Loyale, A one for all rewards platform and marketing engine

Loyale Team | March 18, 2021

After years of developing our rewards platform, we’re now making it more accessible and available for businesses of all sizes to join our platform. Apart from awarding points, our trigger-based platform will allow companies to reward customers based on events. Businesses can award customers for visiting their store at certain hours or award them a gift on their birthdays, the possibilities are endless.

It took us more than four years to get where we are today, we have dedicated most of our time into building a rewards platform and marketing engine that makes us market leaders in the loyalty space. We have worked with over 30 brands, including international franchises like Costa Coffee, Nike, Panino Giusto, Alf Mizzi, and more, registering over 300,000 users on our database so far.

Most companies underestimate the benefits of having a digital loyalty program and how it can drive more traffic towards your business. Our rewards platform is aimed at retaining loyal customers and engaging those customers. We plan to start with a small number of shops and have a variety of brands available by summer.

Rewards applications aid businesses in retaining loyal customers and engaging increasingly important attributes when spending power has taken a hit over the past year due to COVID-19. We recognise that most companies are currently striving to survive, and we want to do our part in trying to help them get back on their feet when things are back open. We’re giving away three months for free to 20 businesses, businesses interested in this opportunity should get in touch with us by the 26th March.

For more information on how to benefit from this initiative, kindly contact us hey@, and we’ll get back to you with an appointment for a 30-minute call or else fill in this form and we’ll contact you back.

You can download the apps from here: AndroidApple