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Digital Loyalty Platforms: A Game-Changer for Hospitality Businesses

Kimberly Magri | December 21, 2023

Building customer loyalty is a game-changer in the competitive hospitality industry. Digital loyalty marketing platforms enhance customer engagement and forge lasting connections. Let’s dive into how these platforms can transform the customer experience for hospitality businesses. 

1. Points Reward System:

Implementing a points-based system is the cornerstone of any effective loyalty program. You can reward your customers immediately on their purchases for instant gratification. Leverage bonus points on a particular day or hour or for achieving certain goals. For instance, you can give out double the points to increase traffic during quiet periods.

2. Tiered Loyalty Program:

Tiered loyalty programs add an element of exclusivity – who doesn’t enjoy feeling special? As customers ascend through the tiers, they unlock progressively enticing benefits. Consider a hotel loyalty program where guests move up tiers, unlocking perks like free room upgrades, late check-outs, and rejuvenating spa discounts.

3. Personalised Offers:

Harness the power of customer data to create personalised offers tailored to individual preferences and past purchases. Imagine a coffee lover receiving a targeted promotion for a discount on a delightful new specialty brew—personalisation at its finest. Making your customers feel seen is the number one way to foster loyalty.

4. Mobile App Integration:

Mobile apps have revolutionised the way customers interact with loyalty programs. Loyalty Wallet, a dedicated mobile app for the Loyale platform, provides a seamless experience for customers. From tracking points to receiving exclusive offers and soon making mobile payments, the app enhances convenience.

5. Special Occasions:

Celebrate your customers by automatically sending special offers or discounts on their birthdays and anniversaries. Imagine the joy of restaurant patrons receiving a complimentary dessert on their birthday or enjoying a special anniversary discount—an opportunity to make every milestone memorable.

6. Referral Scheme:

Word-of-mouth marketing is more effective than you may give it credit for. Customers earn rewards for referring friends or family, creating a win-win situation for both the referrer and the new customer. Consider encouraging loyal customers to refer friends, rewarding both with bonus points for successful sign-ups.

7. Limited-Time Promotions:

Create a buzz among loyalty program members with exclusive, limited-time promotions. Picture a weekend flash sale where loyalty members enjoy discounted restaurant meals or irresistible hotel booking deals. Injecting a sense of urgency keeps customers engaged and excited.

8. Digital Lotteries:

Spice up your loyalty programs with digital lotteries, providing tickets upon purchasing specific items or spending a certain amount. For example, give out 1 ticket for every €25 spent, which is a great way to increase your average transaction sale. Then, draw a random winner at the end to win a grand prize, creating anticipation among participants. 

9. Feedback Forms:

Use the platform to gather valuable insights through customer feedback surveys. Reward customers for completing surveys to provide an enticing incentive. Turn feedback into a two-way conversation by announcing improvements to your offering where required and reaching out to particularly unsatisfied customers to mend the relationship. 

10. Exclusive Access:

Elevate the sense of privilege by offering loyalty program members access to exclusive events or products. This concept opens new doors for hospitality businesses. Imagine loyal patrons gaining VIP entry to a tasting event at the hotel’s rooftop bar—an opportunity to create memorable experiences.

11. Digital Punch Cards:

Say goodbye to traditional punch cards and embrace a digital version – a modern twist on a classic concept. Digital cards take away the stress of losing cards and they can be easily stamped through the admin app upon point of purchase. Reward customers for a set number of visits or purchases, such as giving out a free coffee or dessert.

12. Dynamic Coupons:

Tailor your coupons to boost the appeal of lower-selling items or services, with discounted pricing available to members of your loyalty program. Alternatively, personalise discounts based on customer behaviour, such as on breakfast items for brunch-lovers.

13. Partnerships and Alliances:

Forge partnerships with other businesses to expand the scope of loyalty program benefits. Collaborate with local attractions, offering loyalty members exclusive discounts on tours or activities. Extend the loyalty experience beyond the immediate business, creating a network of perks for customers.

By strategically implementing these approaches, hospitality businesses can navigate the digital landscape with finesse, building robust and lasting relationships with their customers. The era of digital loyalty platforms is here, and those who seize the opportunity will undoubtedly stand out.

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