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Christmas Campaign Ideas Using Your Loyalty Marketing Platform

Kimberly Magri | October 25, 2023

Christmas is approaching and what better time to shower your devoted customers with some extra love and appreciation? A loyalty marketing platform is a powerful tool to create exciting and unique Christmas campaigns. ‘Tis the season to get creative with the features to reward your customers, boost engagement and loyalty, and make a lasting impression.

Let’s unwrap our eight ideas to make your Christmas campaigns merry and bright:

1. Virtual Advent Calendar:

Remember the excitement of opening each door on your advent calendar as a child? Bring back that festive thrill by offering a virtual advent calendar. Create a “12 Days of Christmas” experience where every day, loyalty program members can unlock a surprise offer, exclusive deal, or a special reward.

2. Spread the Joy with Gift Cards:

Offer the option to buy gift cards, which can be partially redeemed if the receiver is a member of the loyalty scheme. Gift cards can be the perfect Christmas present. Your customers benefit from the convenience if they’re not sure what to get or don’t have time to shop around while their loved ones get to choose their own gift.

3. Exclusive Early Holiday Treats:

Want to make your loyal customers feel extra special? Offer them exclusive early access to your Christmas sales and promotions. By granting them a head start on the best holiday deals, you not only reward their loyalty but also create a sense of VIP treatment. It’s a gesture that shows they’re truly valued.

4. Holiday Spirit of Giving:

The holiday season is a time for giving, and you can involve your loyal customers in your charitable efforts. For every purchase they make or point redemption, pledge to donate a percentage to a charity or local cause. It’s a heartwarming way to spread holiday cheer and show your commitment to social responsibility.

5. Limited-Edition Products:

Create a sense of urgency and exclusivity by offering limited-edition Christmas products that can only be purchased with loyalty points. Apart from enticing customers to purchase the items before they run out of stock, this is a great way to onboard new loyalty members.

6. Refer-a-Friend Extravaganza:

Turn your customers into brand advocates this holiday season. Encourage them to refer friends and family by offering extra points for successful referrals. It’s a win-win situation where both your customers and your business benefit.

7. Festive Lottery Draw:

Add an element of excitement to your Christmas campaign by organising a lottery. Customers can earn raffle tickets through specific actions, like making purchases over a certain amount. The chance to win mega prizes incentivises customers to participate.

8. Personalised Season’s Greetings:

Don’t forget the power of a heartfelt greeting during the holidays. Send personalised holiday wishes to your loyalty program members. Express your gratitude for their support and spread the festive spirit. It’s easy to do but leaves a lasting impression on your customers.


With these eight creative ideas, powered by Loyale’s features, you can create Christmas campaigns that boost engagement and spread joy. Strengthen customers’ loyalty to your brand and stand out this festive season.

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