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Black Friday Marketing: 8 Strategies to Stand Out from Competitors

Kimberly Magri | October 13, 2023

With Black Friday just around the corner, shoppers are gearing up for the season’s top deals. But for business owners, the challenge is clear: how do you make sure your brand shines amid the whirlwind of promotions? The solution lies in a well-planned Black Friday marketing strategy, and when combined with an effective loyalty platform, your campaign can truly distinguish itself. 

How can a Loyalty Program Enhance your Black Friday Marketing Campaigns?

Before we dive into these strategies, it’s essential to understand the game-changing potential of a loyalty program for your Black Friday campaigns. A well-implemented loyalty program can elevate your promotions from good to outstanding. 

It offers you a myriad of ways to engage customers, boost sales, and enhance brand loyalty during this shopping mania. Your loyalty members will undoubtedly appreciate the VIP treatment, which can be anything from early access to exclusive deals.

Let’s not keep you waiting. Here are eight strategies to make your Black Friday marketing shine with the help of our loyalty platform.

1. Get a Head Start: Treat Customers to a Teaser

Consider this a race. Kicking off ahead of your competitors gives you an edge during such an aggressive season. Offer your loyal customers a sneak peek at your Black Friday deals in advance. This builds anticipation and excitement and gets them ready and hyped to start shopping as soon as the deals are live.

2. Create Urgency: Implement Time-Based Discounts 

Timing matters. Fast-moving items benefit from a time-limited, jaw-dropping discount, while higher-value products may thrive with a smaller discount that is on for longer. Think home décor vs. furniture – The first product can be a split-second decision whereas the second takes a little more consideration. 

3. Reward Customers for Shopping: Double or Nothing

Who doesn’t love being rewarded for shopping? Temporarily boost the rewards earned through your loyalty program during the Black Friday period. A  tried-and-tested strategy is to offer double points for every order. This encourages more high-value purchases, resulting in a boosted average order value.

4. Personalise Coupons: Because One Size Fits None

Show your customers that you ‘get them’. Your loyalty platform can help you analyse customer behaviour to group them into segments. Leverage demographics and purchase history to create personalised offers that cater to each segment’s unique preference. It’s harder to resist a deal that’s targeted right at you.

5. Tap into your Communication Tools: Deploy Every Resource

Loop customers in. Make the most of your loyalty platform’s communication tools and build a connection with your customers. Boost engagement with seamless messaging via posts, push notifications, SMS alerts, and email campaigns. Utilise these channels to send out teasers, reminders, and offers. 

6. Promote Across Multiple Channels: Go Big or Go Home

Take your Black Friday marketing beyond your loyalty scheme with a multi-channel approach. Maximise exposure with Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and other advertising platforms. Use targeted ads to direct traffic to your loyalty platform, where customers can explore your deals in detail.

7. Offer Extra Referral Bonuses: The More the Merrier

Supercharge the growth of your loyal customer base. Encourage your loyalty scheme members to invite friends and family with special referral bonuses. Do you usually offer 100 points? Double, triple, or even quadruple that reward during the Black Friday frenzy. Harness this occasion not just to drive sales, but build a thriving community of advocates.

8. Post-Black Friday Engagement: Keep the Buzz Alive

Don’t let the Black Friday excitement fade away like a distant memory. Launch an after-party through your loyalty platform. Send out feedback forms to gauge customer satisfaction during the sale period and reward anyone who participates. Follow it up by encouraging customers to show off their hauls on social media. 

With these eight strategies, powered by Loyale’s features, your Black Friday marketing campaign can rise above the noise and capture the attention of eager shoppers. Stand out, engage your audience, and make this Black Friday your most successful one yet! 

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