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Alajmo+ Club Case Study

Loyale Team | August 12, 2021


Alajmo is a Michelin star restaurant group based in Italy with several chains around the world. We were tasked with making their loyalty program as luxurious and professional as they are. Alajmo’s customers have great taste when it comes to food, now it’s time for them to reward their customers, whichever Alajmo group restaurant they go to. Alajmo offers some of the finest dining experiences around the world, we couldn’t wait to sink our teeth into this opportunity with them.  

Services:  Loyalty Program

Our loyalty program stretches across an app and a website plugin. By combining our Shopify integration and our app, customers of Alajmo group will be able to use their loyalty program called Alajmo+ Club whichever restaurant of theirs they go to. Alajmo’s points are in the form of “Smiles”. 1000 Smiles is worth € 1. Their  loyalty program has four different tiers, Club, Silver, Gold, and Black. To go up in ranks customers simply need to earn a certain amount of points.

Shopify integration:

We have incorporated our Shopify plugin with their web store. Loyale however is available as a plugin on other platforms such as WordPress among many others. Intertwining our loyalty program with their ecommerce website is the secret ingredient in escalating repeat business and customer retention. After customers complete their one-time login they can effortlessly enjoy earning points every time they purchase something albeit a cookbook, flavourful frollini or a delicious bottle of fine wine. The Shopify integration has a popup user interface, which shows the customers’ previous purchases, and balance. When they place a new order they can also redeem any points they have available.


To remain congruent with their well established image, Alajmo used our white label app. Our team replicated Alajmo’s vision as to what their app should look like.  Alajmo’s POS uses Oracle’s micro system to send the customer’s purchases or point redemptions they made at the restaurants to their account. Alajmo’s customers can claim their points after enjoying a delicious meal. Alajmo being avant garde, were the first to have the app come with a top-up feature, whereby customers can directly top-up their account without making a purchase. This feature allows customers to boost their way to earning rewards. To add to this, Alajmo+Club will give you bonus Smiles when you top-up, for example, if you add €50 (50,000 Smiles) you automatically receive 2,500 bonus Smiles.  

smiles given per euro spent in different alajmo outlets
Amount of Smiles each outlet gives per Euro spent

Our loyalty program offers companies the opportunity to not only use our platform to reward customers but also as a marketing tool capable of targeting niches within their audience. Through the app, Alajmo group is also able to make use of marketing and communication features. Such features include alerts, point modifiers, event and seasonal triggers, vouchers, lottery, push notifications. These can be for example, sending coupons to customers who have spent over €100, sending different alerts to customers according to their tier, or triggering a reward for their customers on their birthday. The features available are not limited to these examples, Alajmo can customize them as they see fit. 

Do you see a tasty meal from Alajmo in your future? Download their app and start enjoying food like never before!