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2023 Year in Review: Innovations, Launches, and Future Horizons

Kimberly Magri | December 21, 2023

As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s time to reflect on the incredible journey Loyale has embarked on this year. Our wonderful team has been hard at work, introducing exciting features, forging new partnerships, and launching initiatives that redefine the landscape of customer loyalty and engagement.

Features that Steal the Spotlight

Gift Cards:

One of the highlights of this year was the seamless solution for issuing digital Gift Cards directly at cashpoint. An effortless way for customers to share the love, they have become a popular choice for special occasions and celebrations. 

Feedback Forms:

Opinions matter, and our customisable Feedback Forms have made it easier than ever for businesses to gather valuable insights from their customers. This allows businesses to continually refine their offerings, resolve issues, and increase customer retention.

SMS Marketing: 

In an era where communication is key, we’ve added SMS Marketing to our arsenal. Reach your customers instantly with personalised messages, fostering a stronger connection. With open rates up to 98%, it’s a powerful tool.

New Email Builder:

Our Email Builder now comes with drag-and-drop elements and more content options, simplifying the process of customising your email’s appearance. Engage your audience with eye-catching newsletters and announcements effortlessly.

Coupons Expiry Notifications:

Never miss a savings opportunity. Our Coupons now come with expiry notifications, ensuring your customers make the most of their discounts.

Integrations that Open New Avenues

Lightspeed Integrations:

Loyale now seamlessly integrates with Lightspeed R-Series, L-Series, X-Series, and K-Series, providing businesses with a unified platform for point-of-sale and loyalty management.

Klaviyo Integration:

Welcome our new integration with Klaviyo, enhancing your marketing capabilities and providing more methods for customer engagement.

Mailchimp Update:

We’ve made it possible to sync customer tags and levels, offering businesses more control over their marketing strategies. This enhancement will help you deliver more personalised content to your audience.

Exciting Launches that Made Waves

BigBon Rewards:

A big shoutout to our new partner, BigBon. Our partnership aims to elevate customer loyalty in the realm of apparel retail.


Another exciting addition to the Loyale family is Alfsons. Together, we’re bringing even more value to the business and their customers alike.


Experience Loyale firsthand with our Demo. This hands-on opportunity allows businesses to explore the full range of Loyale’s advanced tools and features before diving in.

Web App: 

Loyalty Wallet is now available on the web, making your loyalty scheme even more accessible. Customers no longer need to install the mobile app, resulting in faster onboarding. 

A Milestone that Propels us to New Heights 

Visa Innovation Program 2023:

We proudly announced that we were selected for the Visa Innovation Program 2023. This program will allow us to keep scaling Loyale by entering the world of finance and introducing payment solutions.

What’s Next on the Horizon:

Loyalty Wallet Revamp:

Brace yourselves for a Loyalty Wallet revamp. We’re taking the user experience to the next level, ensuring your customers have a seamless and enjoyable journey.

Points Top-Up:

Loyalty members can top up their points, giving them more flexibility in managing their rewards. Functioning as store credit, this secures a future sale.

Gift Cards Payments:

Empower your customers by allowing them to pay for gift cards directly through our platform, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

Digital Punch Cards:

Say hello to Digital Punch Cards! A classic loyalty system that’s making a modern comeback, allowing businesses to reward repeat customers effortlessly.

Enhanced Customer Segmentation: 

Target your audience with precision. Our enhanced customer segmentation tools will allow deeper tailor-made communication, precise marketing, and data-driven choices.

As we step into the future, Loyale remains dedicated to innovation and excellence in customer loyalty solutions. Thank you for being a part of our journey in 2023, and we can’t wait to bring you even more exciting developments in the years to come!

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