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Shopify Integration

Reward Customers and Boost Sales with a Shopify Loyalty Program

Seamlessly integrate Loyale with your Shopify store and watch your customer retention rates increase. Enjoy complete online onboarding in minutes with minimum documentation. Launch your Shopify Loyalty Program today with our free plan and gain access to advanced tools that unlock growth and boost sales.

Explore some of our popular features:


Reward members with points per purchase, or goals achieved.


Create, promote and track mass coupon campaigns with ease.

Gift Cards

Create, promote, track and redeem Gift Cards. Both in store and online.


Update the feed to notify members about new announcements and promotions.


Start sending personalised emails that drive engagement.


Schedule recurring or one-off automations triggered by time, event, or behaviour.

Tiered System

Add levels to your scheme, which can be gamified by requiring a specific spend amount or number of visits to climb the tiers. Set higher rewards for higher levels.

Total Control

Making changes to your loyalty scheme is easy and straightforward. The backoffice allows you to leverage the features and tools to adapt the scheme to your needs.

Powerful Reporting

With Loyale’s real-time analytics, your next decision will be an informed one. Generate reports to analyse transactions, customer behaviour, and more.

Target the Right Clients

Have a bird’s eye view of all your customers and what they have been up to. Segment your audience by demographics or activity to personalise your campaign.

Some things you can do:

Instant gratification. Reward your customers instantly on their purchases.

Seasonal offers? Update your news feed and send an email to your customers to let them know.

Quiet days or periods? Double down on points on a particular day or hour.

Rewards Marketing

Grow Your Business

Research has proven that an effective loyalty marketing scheme is key for success, providing an attractive ROI.

  • Retain customers – It costs 5 times more to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one.
  • Boost sales – Increasing customer retention by 5% could increase profitability by as much as 95%.
  • Increase the avg. order value – Over 40% of customers spend more if they are loyal to you.

Loyale’s Backoffice

Our rewards management system is simple and easy to use to increase customer loyalty.

  • Reach your targets by leveraging real-time data and customers insights.
  • Navigate your board with ease from registration to viewing customer activity to scheduling alerts.

Loyalty Wallet

The Plug & Play Shopify Loyalty App

Interested in a Loyalty App for your Shopify store? We have the solution.

Loyalty Wallet is a readily available application downloadable from both iOS and Android App Store. It is included with any Loyale subscription, including the free plan. The app allows you to send push notifications and updates directly to your customers’ devices. Your customers can also view their points balance and available rewards.

Businesses that reward with Loyale

Create personalised experiences

Integrate with Shopify and start rewarding customers and sending personalised emails with unique loyalty information such as; points balance, tier status or available rewards.