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Shopify Integration

Build long lasting customer relationships by creating more personalised experiences

Seamlessly integrate Loyale with your Shopify store in minutes and watch your customer retention rates increase.

Get Started In Minutes

Get your loyalty scheme activated within minutes. Enjoy complete online onboarding with minimum documentation.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Build ongoing relationships with your customers by incentivising their purchases with rewards. Turn one- time customers into repeat customers and brand advocates.

Direct Marketing Channel

Send targeted push notification and posts from Loyale’s Backoffice directly to your customers devices via our Loyalty Wallet App. Loyalty wallet comes bundled for free with this subscription.


Let your customers know that they have been credited with extra points due to their recent purchase


Easily award points to your customers, be it a purchase, a birthday or even joining your scheme


Create a referral scheme and award customers with points or discounts whenever their referred friends sign up


Create and award your customers with coupons on their phones after achieving specific goals

VIP Clients

Loyale allows you to create tiers within your schemes, creating goals to achieve each tier within the scheme

Total Control

It shouldn’t be difficult to make changes to your scheme, and it isn’t. The admin app allows you to make actionable changes to your scheme to better suit your needs. With the features at hand, you can design a scheme that suits your needs. Choose the right features to make your loyalty scheme work.

Powerful Reporting

With Loyale’s analytics, your next decision will be an informed one. Use analytics to make real-time changes to your scheme.

Target the Right Clients

Have a bird’s eye view of all your customers and what they have been up to such as rewards history, any referrals they might have done and much more.


Loyale’s Backoffice

Our backoffice allows businesses to leverage real-time data and hyper-personalise their rewards scheme to establish good will and increase customer loyalty. Choose the right features to make your reward scheme stand out.

Profile consumers with accuracy

Our features take you far beyond demographics, they’ve proven to increase customer lifetime value.

Reach your audience effectively

Identify your key audiences and understand how to reach them. Use insights provided as a guide for your next campaign.

Re-activate inactive consumers

There is hidden potential in your inactive customers. Our back office connects you to them to entice them to come back.

Loyalty Wallet App

The plug & play solution to all your loyalty problems

Loyalty Wallet is a readily available application downloadable from both iOS and Android App Store which is included with your Loyale subscription. It allows you to send direct notifications and updates directly to your customers’ devices as well as allowing your customers to view their points balance and available rewards.

Businesses that reward with Loyale

Create personalised experiences

Integrate with Shopify and enable the ability to send personalised emails and notifications with unique loyalty information such as; points balance, tier status or available rewards.