Welcome to Loyale

Losing your stamp card is now a problem of the past.

You will now have one app with multiple shops that offer a rewards programme. Although all being on one app, points awarded may only be used at the respective store from where they were gained.


Loyale provides an easy way to award points to your customers, be it a purchase, a birthday or even joining your scheme.

Loyalty Tiers Show your most loyal customers how much they meant to you. Keep your best customers engaged by giving them goals to achieve to reach the next tier and unlock better awards.

Send & Split Points Allow your customers to send and split points. They can share points to existing users or invite their friends to join if they have bit signed up yet.

Coming Soon

Punch Cards

Punch cards are a fun way to reward your customers and keep them engaged. Create goals for your customers, stamp their digital punch card with your admin app, and once completed rewards them with a prize to redeem.


Create and award your customers with coupons on their phones after achieving specific goals.

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Available on Android and iOS.