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Loyale, an innovative and user-friendly reward program, delivers an encouraging incentive based buying experience whilst also improving brand loyalty.

A User Journey

Loyale brings customers closer to their favourite brands, providing mutual benefits and exciting experiences for both.

Step 1

User Registration

Users, in order to become a part of the scheme, are required to go through a registration process. Loyale uses collected information to personalise further actions within the program. To entice a registration process, the scheme can be configured to automatically add points to a user’s account once they join in or refer the loyalty program to their friends.

Step 2

Welcome to the Shop

We all know that first impressions matter the most, right? Attract your customers and make them stay with you. No matter where your shop operates, be it a virtual or physical world, Loyale can be customised to trigger point adjustment. Whenever users visits your shop for the first time, they can be rewarded with extra points.

Step 3

Promoting Offers

You might want to promote a particular item within your shop. Loyale allows you to create triggers based on proximity to an iBeacon. The moment a customer approaches a special offer, they will be notified or assigned additional points. Do not let the best offers go unnoticed!

Step 4

Rewarding Your Customers

Those who remain loyal to you make your business thrive. Reward your customers with extra points due to their recent purchase. The user is automatically notified via app about a bonus they received. Your customers deserve even more? Loyale can be configured to assign double points on particular days or when a client’s purchase reached a specified threshold.

Step 5


Celebrate special occasions with your customers. Create a campaign of granting points to users on their birthday or a registration anniversary. This will not only increase your customer loyalty but will certainly boost your brand’s efficiency. Loyale will make sure your clients get notified about your generous gift.

Step 6

Point Redeeming

Customers can redeem points when paying for the purchases by reducing the bill. They can also exchange them for items or discounts valued at a predefined amount of points. Loyale provides with effortless solutions, allowing for redeeming points at both online and physical shops.

Features at a Glance

Flexible Tech

The scheme works both on mobile and web applications. However, in case a customer is not willing to install the app, legacy cards can be used as a fail-over.

Seamless Integration

Loyale is based on the cutting-edge technology that uses third party POS and websites by pushing and pulling data. This allows for seamless use of the reward scheme.

Mobile Based

The product is available on all leading mobile platforms and can also be customised to styles preferred by the customers.

API Integration

An API is available for integrating your systems with Loyale. This is made available to pull and push data to the platform.

iBeacon Capability

iBeacon technology is integrated within the mobile applications, allowing targeted advertising campaigns based on location.

Social Integration

Loyale is linked to all the major social media platforms. It results with improved online exposure and accessibility.

Loyalty under control?
Keep track of your customers!

The interface of Loyale allows for trouble-free navigation. You can easily manage and analyse the performance of your reward scheme.

  • Personalised Features
  • Accessible Customer Database
  • Customisable Rewards

Ready to Take Off?

New customers can become your new regulars. Don’t lose this chance. Trust Loyale.